Overspill - Universial Map

The 32rd São Paulo Bienal, Brazil, 2016

Materials: Ceramic tiles, original tiles from the building, concrete, toxic mud, concrete, slime mold, plants, fossils (the first found oxygen producing bacterial, fossils found in mining industry) among other.

Overspill: Universal Map’ comprises a number of elements placed on a static wall: four large drawings printed on to tiles and fixed to the wall. They map the concept of the Global Commons (a concept that brings together politics and history, multilateral legal agreement, national economic interests, private enterprise, and pollution, chemistry and ecology). A number of objects (toxic mud form the largest mining environmental disaster in Brasil (2015); the first found fossil of a bacterial producing oxygen; fossils extracted from mining for resources producing concrete; oil and Slime Molds) are placed in vitrines built into the wall and a 10m. long bench with a 1:1 scale model of a 8,26m. long prehistoric fungi on top. Each of these elements are accompanied by ‘labels’ which are written in English.


Overall these various parts of the work examine the way we try to understand the nature of the world, especially the intellectual systems we use to define it and the physical effect humans have on the world. That is also, of course, always in some sense a political and ideological issue.


The objects and drawings here layout the borders of a collapsing systems of thinking.